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QNC Summit 2024 Logo auf orangenem abstraktem Hintergrund

Hardware für neue Rechentechnologien
FMD veranstaltet ein Doppelevent zu Quanten- und neuromorphem Computing
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Next-Gen Edge-AI Technologies
EU Consortium Developing Next-Gen Edge-AI Technologies Is Accepting Design Proposals
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Experience QNC virtually in our 3D showroom:

Aufnahme aus dem Module QNC Bereich in dem virtuellen 3D Showroom der FMD

Political magazine FMD.impuls on "Quantum and neuromorphic computing as enablers of new computing technologies" (in German)


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The use of the photos is only permitted in connection with the »FMD-QNC« and under indication of the copyright (Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics).

FMD-QNC Space media kit

Expert interview: Opportunities and challenges, as well as the enormous potential that can arise from the performance increases of new computing generations (in German)

Dr. Steffen Kurth (Fraunhofer ENAS) and Dr. Thomas Knieling (Fraunhofer ISIT and Fraunhofer IMS)

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